Earth and Moon Lunar Cycle Zodiac Sacred Geometry Laser Cut Coasters Set of 4
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The Moon is not a light-generating body, meaning that she doesn’t actually produce any of her own light. All of the light that the Moon appears to illuminate our sky with, which we call moonlight, isn’t actually moonlight at all, but sunlight reflected off the lunar surface that is 450,000 times less intense than direct sunlight, due to this reflection. So then where do the Moon phases come from? They come from the the Sun, from the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, and from the specific perspective that we are observing the Moon from.
In Sacred Geometry the symbols shown in the coasters symbolise the lunar calendar and the Moon's progress around our world.

Our laser cut coasters will bring that unique twist to any room.

Coasters are a set of 4.
10cm Diameter.
Coasters are provided in a recycled cardboard presentation box.

Made of responsibly sourced Oak Wood and finished with Polyurethane for protection against water, humidity, and heat.
All wood is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified.