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The ultimate gift for any craft beer drinker, this Craft Beer Cap collector are just what you need to keep track of your drinking adventures. Custom made of handsome Birch plywood or beautiful Oak.
Each side of this beer cap collector holds 30 of your favourite beer caps - that's 60 beer caps in total! This also comes with a hanging hook attached to the rear for easy wall hanging!

Our exclusive three point cap locking system ensures your caps stay securely in place for display! Holding the beer caps in place using the ridges around the beer caps the three point system makes it easy to add and remove caps at will.

This Craft Beer Cap Collector comes in three pieces and must be glued by the recipient - the rear of the central piece has ridges engraved into the rear so that the sides can be placed and glued easily. We recommend using super glue for quick and pain free positioning.

Size: 60cm x 40cm
Holds 60 bottle caps.
Material: High Quality Birch or Oak Wood