3D Ireland Map
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3D Ireland Map

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This is a 3D map of Ireland laser cut on birch wood. This contains the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on one map. This item uses five layers to create a 3D representation of Ireland. Ireland as well as the various sea’s are Laser Engraved on the bottom layer.

This really does look magical and would beautifully adorn your wall or sunk into a table. This popular model fits easily on a busy desk, table or shelf in home or office.

This item is fabricated by glueing the fiver layers together and then finished using a layer of Boiled Linseed Oil to give the item a deep finish and also protect it from the elements.

We produce items using our own suite of laser machines. Each item takes over an hour to laser engrave or cut and then multiple hours of finishing to make the item look perfect. All of our pieces are designed by our own design team – making them unique and perfect just for you! We endeavour to provide you with art work that will brighten up your home and have your guests in awe!

This piece of art is laser cut to an accuracy of 0.2mm, making the 3D layers look visually striking and unlike anything you have ever seen. The quality and accuracy of cutting using Lasers means that it is perfect every time with no imperfections.

This really was a labour of love for me to design and create and it looks amazing in person..

Dimensions: 28cm (W) x 28cm (H) x 2.5cm (d)

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  1. Looks amazing. When I first got my package I was a little nervous because even though the box had FRAGILE all over it the box was smashed, but there was enough bubble wrap that kept it safe and in perfect condition. I used pins to mark where in Ireland I have visited. I hope to add more. Really fantastic job. Love it.

  2. The shipping time was great . I purchased this unique item as a gift and it was loved as its so different thankyou

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