About Us

Laser Cut and Engraved Awesomeness made lovingly in Derbyshire

Lasaris is a married couples dream of running their own craft business. We produce one of a kind products which are unique and aspirational. We put a small piece of ourselves into every product we produce and we hope it shows!

We produce our items on our own laser machines – a Laserscript 6090 and a Redsail X700. The LS6090 is a British made machine meaning it is more accurate and efficient than most machines on the market.
Each item takes over an hour to laser engrave and cut and then multiple hours of finishing to make the item look perfect. All of our pieces are designed by ourselves – making them unique and perfect just for you! We endeavour to provide you with art work that will brighten up your home and have your guests in awe! Our products are a labour of love which are intended to spark conversation.

The quality and accuracy of engraving using Lasers means that it is perfect every time with no imperfections. Your item is guaranteed to look exactly as described. We only use the finest available wood in our design – a material which is perfect for laser cutting due to its natural fibre make up and strong yet beautiful grain.

We offer bulk shipping discounts – please contact us for details. We also offer wholesale discounts – please contact us for more information.

Thanks for shopping at Lasaris- your one-stop-shop for Laser Cut and Engraved products since 2015!


Lasaris is a trading name of Dlaser Ltd

Registered in England company number 10624295.